I need a better tagline.

I’m almost ready to launch my long neglected half-finished complete mess of a blog. I’ve wanted to get a little site up and running for a long time, but I’ve had very little room in my life for hobbies, so all I ever managed to achieve were several aborted attempts.

Until recently I spent my free time tweeting heavily, like a splifficated bar-fly bellyaching about current affairs to anyone who’d listen, but Twitter as a sole outlet is slowly losing its appeal for various reasons, some of which I plan to write about.

Politics made 2016 a challenging year for me on social media, so I hope that 2017 and my newfound focus on longer-form content is more satisfying. At least it’s a lot less ephemeral, and therefore doesn’t necessitate repetition the way social media does. Nobody will read it, but nobody was reading the other stuff either, so that’s no great change.

There are still a few things to polish off here in terms of my heavy-handed modifications of this excellent theme, but what I really need is a better tagline!

I wish I could use Jeremy Clarkson’s old slogan for Top Gear. “Ambitious but rubbish” fits my output just as well as it suited theirs. Let’s see how long “cantankerous but sexy” lasts. If you have a better idea, please post it here and you’ll have my unending gratitude. If I end up using it I’ll send you a Mars bar, or something uniquely Australian if you’re not from around here. 🙂

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